I am always up for a challenge…

I guess God just put a fire in me because I am always burning to do something. Today He led me in the right path with today’s Proverbs 31 devotional by Tracie Miles The devotional discussed ways you can improve your marriage by decreasing marital stress. A lesson I am admittedly always having to re-learn. The great thing about this devotional is Tracy details her own marriage (briefly) so you don’t feel alone. When I finished reading the devotional it encouraged readers to participate in The ’14 Days to a Better Marriage’ Challenge. I signed up immediately! I mean, who wouldn’t want that?!? And, if it doesn’t work, (although If I truly apply myself, this statement is null) what will I loose? Seriously, a few minutes of my life for 2 weeks spent either twiddling my thumbs or improving my marriage. I will take the latter.

Well friends, *laces up tennis shoes and begins stretching* I am ready for this challenge and will share all the hits and misses of my experience with you. If you want to join me, register with Tracy’s blog at the link posted above on the right side. Until next time loves…



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