Trying New Things=Hit

Hey Loves!

Just an update on the whole-head sew-in I blogged about some time ago. At that point, I was unsure if it was a hit or miss. It was my first time trying something of this magnitude on my own. Again, I followed several you tube tutorials and customized them into what I wanted. So far, it has been a HIT! It is super easy to maintain. I have been able to moisturize my own hair (braided underneath the weave) and protect it through crazy weather and lots of workouts. Recently, I have even even been able to style it differently as pictured below. The only qualm I have is this hair frizzes and sheds easily. To remedy this, I have ordered a more expensive Indian Remy hair for next sew-in. This type of hair will frizz and shed less and thus, last longer. I am going to keep this in for another week or so (totaling six weeks) lets my hair breathe with braids outs and marley buns for about two weeks and then attempt another sew-in. As always, I will keep you posted.







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