Re-Branding Myself…Quite the Process

Hey Loves!

So, with spring approaching and the new life blooming everywhere, I decided it was time for a personal change. I love my job and I love sharing my life with you, so I decided I should let other people know it. So, (as you can see) I am making changes to the blog and I even got some fancy new business cards (on recycled paper of course). I also made the plunge to update my wardrobe. Let me preface the following by publicly admitting I HATE TRYING ON CLOTHES! Like, I cant stand it. Maybe it is all of the truth in the one mirror or how I can be a small in one thing and a large in another. It just frustrates me!

Any who… I did it. I decided to update my wardrobe and not look like a twelve year old, or a preschool teacher. I decided to try new things and show off a bit of this body of I have been working so hard to perfect in the gym. It was difficult, but thanks to good friends, I got great guidance and did pretty good on the budget. I got all of the things pictured below for about $100. It doesn’t stop here, I still have more to go but I wanted to bring my spring/summer clothes in and see what need to go and stay. Stay tuned for more of budget friendly fashion finds!

P.s.-The Blue dress has a sexy racer back and the shorts are lace…yikes!

image_9 image_8 image_7 image_6 image_5 image_4 image_3


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