My Workouts!=Hit

Hey Loves!

I have had quite a few friends ask what it is that I do in the gym, so here goes. I try to alternate between upper body and lower body, get in abs at each workout, and push the cardio on upper body days, even if that means going to the gym for high-cardio group exercise class. That does not always happen. Just this past weekend, I just did two interval trainings on the bike and left-no weight training at all.

At any rate, my workouts are a HIT because they keep me motivated, I have significant muscle and endurance gains, and I feel so much better.Any who, my exercises are below and feel free to try them. I am no personal trainer but if I can help, great

5 mins. on the bike,

 incline 2-4

2 sets of:

1. 10 (each leg) kick lunges with 8lbs weights
2. 20 lunge back-kicks with 10 lbs weights on the bousa ball
3. 30 second sumo squat with 20lb kettle bell
4. 20 hip adductor
5. 20 hip inductor
6. 30 leg raises with the versa ball
7. leg press (55lbs)
8. 10 lunges (each leg) with 6 lb medicine ball
10. glute curls (55lbs)

3 sets of:

1. 25 crunches on the versa ball
2. 20 oblique crunches in the versa ball

5 sets of 20 squats with the bar and 20lbs

1 set of 15 walking lunges with the bar and 20lbs


10 Mins on the bike (increased incline)

3 sets of 20 squats on the bousa ball

3. sets of 10 kicks/lunges with weights

3 sets of 20 back kicks on the bousa ball

3 sets of 10  one led lunges with weights

3 sets of 20 second sumo squats with 20lbs

3 sets of 20 hip abductor with 45lbs

6 sets of 20 squats with 20lbs on the bar

3 sets of 20 reverse hip abductor with 40 lbs

3 sets of leg presses with 45 lbs

3 sets of 10 deep lunges on each leg

3 sets of 20 first-position calf-rises

3sets of 10 glute cruches with 50 lbs

3 sets of 60 glute pushes with 30 lbs


3 sets of

bench presses with 20lbs

10 curls with 25lbs

10 pushes with 25lbs

20 butterfly with 30 lbs

20 seated rows with 40 lbs

20 standing rows with 50 lbs

2 sets of

20 crunches

20 side-to-side-crunches

10 crunches

25 sit ups ups on the ball

20 oblique crunches on both sides

30 rotary torso on each side



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