Straight hair…

Hey Loves!

So, the full-head sew-in, with an invisible part lasted six weeks! Wow, right! I was pleased. However, when the sixth week arrived, it was like my hair and the weave were both done. My hair (braided underneath the weave) didn’t retain oil like it did just one week prior and began itching a bit more. The weave became more course and frizzy.

About a week or two ago, I began researching what I was going to do with my hair and was very undecided. I knew my hair needed a break from protective styling (in this manner). I knew I was going to attempt another full head sew-in in mid-April and I wanted something different and low-maintenance for the time in between. Through my research, Confessions of a Blog Vixen posted this about her own journey in straightening her hair. I have never straightened my hair and decided it was time because:

  1. I need to do a length check
  2. I need to clip my ends
  3. I need to overcome my fear of straightening my hair.

So on Good Friday, I took down my weave by simply cutting the threat attaching the weave to my hair (being super careful) and gently undoing the braids. I then lightly detangled with my hair bean (shown below) and then mixed my pre-poo mixture.

A pre-poo is a conditioning mixture to add nourishment to the hair before cleansing. I used this you tube tutorial and used EVOO at the hair oil and Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Honey Hair Butter as the scalp oil. I applied to my hear and covered with a shower cap and a heat thermal cap for several hours while I crafted and cleaned (of course I will post about that later) and did a clarifying mask.

That night, I rinsed my hair and then cleaned with Entwine Coture Act 1 Shampoo and followed with Act 11 Conditioner, leaving in my hair 15 minutes with a shower cap and my heat thermal wrap.

products that were used

products that were used

I then detangled and twisted in about 8 twist.

The next day, I continued to let my hair air dry as my hair was not completely dry (you can blow dry your hair but I wanted to decrease the heat I was using). When my hair was completely dry, I gently untwisted one twist; applied the Tresseme heat protectant spray; using a special comb (pictured below) I used a blow dryer down the shaft of my hair one time to maximize stretch. Then I followed that with a pull threw of the flat iron (Hot tools ceramic tourmaline, med-hi heat). Using that same cob, I clipped my ends. I continued the above steps until my whole head was flat ironed and trimmed.

Easter morning I applied hot rollers for about 20 minuets while I dressed and applied makeup.  After I was dressed and make up complete, I took out the rollers and viola!

How do I like it? I do like the fact that I was able to see my hair and do a length check. However I discovered that my hair is growing in these crazy layers and my ends needed some serious trimming around the crown of my head which was disappointing and difficult for styling. It also required more maintenance than my kinks! Thus, this was nice and a good change, but I  miss my kinks. (Kind of…I am also ready for protective styling).

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