Entwine Couture Duo Review

Hey Loves:

Recently I tried Entwine Couture’s Duo- Shampoo and Conditioner. I have tried other styling products from Entwine including the Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator, Creme Jelly Styler, Raw Vegan Argan Oil and Creme De La Mode and I am in love with all of them. They are all HITs! Seriously, all of the above are staples and I want to buried with them. Here are my thoughts on the duo:

Act One: Cleansing +Growth Lathering Bathe

I used this shampoo to cleanse after my pre-poo. I must admit, I thought this was either going to strip all the moisture I just put in, or not cleanse at all. Boy, was I wrong This shampoo was AWESOME! It had a great lather and it held all the of curl definition established in my pre-poo. I washed twice and my hair was not stripped at all. In addition, it felt clean and very light.

Act Two: Hydrating + Growth Crème Hair Rinse

Because I used a pre-poo, I didn’t use this product as a deep conditioner. I used it to restore moisture (leave-in) and detangle. It went on very smooth and worked really well as a detangler. I did have to use more product than I thought to gain more slip, but it worked well nonetheless. The product was heavy and didn’t leave any after residue.

I guess I will be adding these two products to my list of staples. They are HITS as well! They can be purchased Entwine Couture


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