How I kept my press…=HIT

Hey Loves:

I just wanted to update you on my blow dry and flat iron; almost two weeks ago, I flat-ironed my hair for the first time. You can get all the details and process here. Because of where I live, the weather was CRAZY!! I also had to continue with my workouts. All of that definitely scared me and I just knew my press was going to be gone in a matter of minutes. However I came up with a few things that have helped me keep my hair stretched as well as healthy and protected without re-applying heat.

Marley Bun: I posted earlier about this protective style. Because my hair was already stretched, I simply put in a ponytail applying a small amount of Curlz butter cream (a sample I got from KayJay over at to my edges and massaging through my hair and aloe oil to my ends (they always get dry) and secured my hair in a pony tail and then attached the marley hair using a combo of youtube tutorials. I didn’t want to use a whole slew of product as I knew I didn’t want to wash my hair after.

Flat Twist/Braid Outs: When the weather was nice I wanted to shake my mane, literally. So I did flat rope twist (about 8) straight back on my hair and secured two-to-three of them with a perm rod. I used a sample of Miss Jessie’s curl cream and used a small amount to moisturize my hair. I used Entwine’s Argan oil to secure my ends before rolling. When all the twists were done I covered with a doo-rag and bonnet for the night. The next morning I gently untwisted my hair and wore as a twist out.

After a workout, I noticed my were roots were starting to kink so I then did corn rows using the exact same method above to stretch my roots. It worked! I also got a little more definition than I did with the twist out.

Big Flat twist: This crazy weather is ever changing so I tried another protective style that was super easy. I simply divided my hair into two uneven sections (one larger than the other) and did one flat rope twist on either side. I combined the two and the end and secured with a bobbi pin. To add a bit of flare, I wore cute headbands and bows that coordinated with my outfit.

Bantu Knots: I was supposed to do another sew-in this weekend but I was having so much fun with my hair! So I was scrolling through facebook and saw this tutorial! The Mr. LOOOOOVES bantu knots and I haven’t done them in so long! Now my hair is not NEARLY as long as hers so I just did them all over my head. I used these to weather the storm for a few days using Entwine’s butter crème hydrator, argan oil and manipulator. When the rain cleared up and it was sunny again, I took them down and enjoyed some gorgeous curls!

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