Pink, Purple and Polka Dots

Hey Loves!

With the undertaking of re-branding myself, I have updated my wardrobe by purchasing new and current items while getting rid of dated items. I also had to learn how to utilize the old items to keep them current-does that make sense?

Anywho, today, with the weather being really nice, I was inspired to wear some bright colors but I immediately went back to my teaching days and asked myself “am I gonna look like a two-year-old?”  I mainly do one bright color or pastel with a solid base. For example, a white skirt and neon green blouse or blue checkered shorts and a white top.

Today, I wanted more so I selected a fuchsia button up blouse, bell-bottom denim jeans and a wedge sandal. I needed accessories so instead of basic silver I paired a lavender beaded necklace and matching earrings. Then, my hair decided not to cooperate (I am currently protective styling it with individual twist gathered in a  high bun, with Marley hair added for fullness)-my edges were doing what they wanted. To tame them, I added a purple scarf with white polka dots and tied it as a headband. Boy, was I scared to go to the mirror. However, when I went I was very pleased. The cut of the blouse and jeans defined my slim waist and accentuated my curves in just the right manner. The wedges add height and thus gives a slimming and elongating effect to my legs. The denim jean, although solid, has a retro look adding another flare to my look. The necklace adds a subtle contrast to the brightness of my shirts and ties my headband to the outfit.

bun with head band

bun with head band

Here is similar version of my outfit. Let me know what you think!

pink and purple


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