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Hey Loves!

If you are like me, you just attended at least one Derby party this season or you attended some function in which you needed something atop your head and did not have an array of fancy church hats neatly stacked in boxes.

Well, I have a tutorial for two quick, easy and inexpensive fascinators…(head piece, or style of millinery, commonly made with feathers, flowers, jewels or beads that attaches to the hair by a comb, headband or clip- The Feathered Head)…this is where the fascinating part comes in…

For the first one, I followed this tutorial as far as I could. No retailer where I live sold Russian tulle so I had to purchase a cheaper netted tulle but it was still just as effective. For notions, I did a small string of pearls instead of ribbon at the base of the fascinator. I added the feathers, flowers, tulle for ‘show’ and attached clips instead of a head band for more flexibility in placement.


The second one I made was on the fly and (since I am now a fascinator-making pro…NOT!) I literally pieced it together as I went along. The base is the bottom a large top-hat fascinator I got to wear with my Halloween costume this coming fall. It resembled something a dark Mad-Hatter would wear-thus the costume reference. I carefully separated the bottom from the top (making sure I could put it back together for my costume) using scissors and my fingers. The hat came with two black feathers that I reattached to the now separated base.

I added some more tulle, two black faux flowers, black ribbon to hide the cardboard lines and the pearls from the fascinator above.  I prayed this wouldn’t look like death on my head…and it worked!

photo 1 photo 2

Hope this helps you look fab at your next hated-event! Let me know if you have any questions!

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