Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Hey Loves!

Spring has Sprung (and the weather is finally cooperating)! With this season comes road trips, laying out and outdoor parties. It is also bring spring cleaning. Me, being the very odd Mrs. I am simply looooooove this time of year, especially this spring cleaning. Why, you ask? Because (if you can’t already tell) organization and cleanliness literally soothe my soul. I know quite a few of you were over spring cleaning the second read it, but here are some tips and tricks to get you through it!

  1. Get organized: I used this list to guide me and the Mr. through the cleaning. A checklist allows you to tackle one item at a time instead of being so overwhelmed. It also allows you to have a point of reference for where you stopped.
  2. Divide the responsibilities: Get your Mr. or the kiddos involved. You can make it fun by listening music while diving to conquer. If you are sexy and single have a cleaning party. Serve dinner, wine and give favors for your gals pals this will help you out. Also (and this is very important) divide the responsibilities according to skill. My Mr. is not the best scrubber but he is tall (reaching the high spots) great with the vacuum and duster. This is not the time to see how well your husband or child can clean the windows when they have never seen Windex.
  3. Use the right tools: Do your research. Me and the Mr. found that dryer sheets work miracles on base boards. Not only are they easier to clean using dryer sheets, the static in the sheet repels dust! (can we say two-for-one-score!) Dry erasers work really well on door stains and to remove hard water stains on shower doors. Olive oil, lemon juice and baking soda work miracles on a glass top stove. The right tools help you maximize your cleaning time and energy.
  4. Make a schedule: Separate the task so they are achievable by each party. Your life can’t stop because spring cleaning has come but you can work the cleaning in around your life.
  5. Celebrate: When you are done have some cookies, cake, ice cream- whatever is clever. You did it! (and it really wasn’t that bad!)

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