The state of my hair

Hey Loves!

Note: This is what I did before the the two installs of my havana twist. A blog post is coming about the install, styling, maintenance and upkeep…I just want to make sure I am giving you my best 🙂 Enjoy!


I just wanted to give you an update on my hair. As you know, I did protective styling for a while, then stretched a press to last for 4 weeks without re-applying heat. My plan was to commit to 2 seasons of protective styling and see if I gained more growth. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans…

I must admit, I missed my hair. Like really missed it. I still had to keep up healthy practices so I have engaged in the following for the past few weeks and will keep it up for a few more. My mom is coming at the end of the month and I know she will want to see her baby’s hair.

  1. Braid/twist outs: I will always love these and any chance I get to perfect them is great. The best thing about natural hair is learning about it. As my hair has grown it has changed drastically and instead of going against it, I embrace it and see how I can make the best of it.
  2. Marley bun: on the crazy weather days this old faithful proves to be something of a miracle
  3. Head Wraps/Scarves: Constant shrinking and stretching and has not proved to work out for my hair so depending on the weather or if I want to keep my hair braided for a day longer, I will wear a head scarf. See Naptural85’s tutorials here
  4. Deep conditions: Duh?!?! No natural girl can live and thrive without these. Nuff said..

I am currently researching other protective styles to engage in the summer months. I am leaning toward the Beyonce’ plaits, another sew-in (or two…I have two different types of Remy/Virgin hair I want to try under my sink right now.) What do you think? Any suggestions?

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