Summer Fun Tips

*singing* Summer Lovin’/had me a blast

Hey loves!
I am not sure about the weather where you are but summer is making a fierce return here. The days are long, the temps are high and the fun is just about to begin!
This is the first summer that I am not in school or working full time. I am also very healthy and not stressed about wedding planning (score!) So, I am looking to live my summer up to the fullest. How about you?
If you know me, I am all about the free or inexpensive. As I started doing research, I thought I would share some inexpensive summer tips with you!
1. Check your local ‘visit’ website for your state and city. (i.e. visit Florida). They have TONS of information on upcoming events that you want to plan for and travel to; local happenings in your area, discounts on adventure or theme parks and discounts on hotel rooms. For me, these sites also gave me ideas for things to add to my summer bucket list. For example, Pennsylvania is having state park tours guided by park rangers, so I checked the state parks near me to see what they had to offer. Which leads me to…

2. State Parks! I am very thankful I live in an area that does a great job of preserving nature. At any even given time in my back yard there are deers and cute little bunny rabbits. However, my front yard is your average American neighborhood with bikes, basketball hoops and cars all over the street because my neighbor is having another-get-together. State parks offer a ‘great-escape’ and for free or minimal prices you can, hike, bike, swim, scuba, picnic and (if you are lucky) see some nature animals native to your area. These are also great for date-day or a family fun-day. Pack a lunch and see the nature for a whole day!

3. Preview days are the best thing to happen to bored people, families and those looking for items to add to their summer bucket list (i.e. me). Preview days offer you free admission to museums and parks that normally are a bit expensive. So, to be clear, they are giving you FREE admission to a park that you normally would have to pay for, and probably have not gone to because of the price… I understand if you stop reading right here and go research some in your area. Really, I implore you.

4. I will admit, I lost my ‘bikini body’ right after Memorial Day. I am working to get it back before I head to Mexico this summer but it seeming near impossible. Anywho (if you can’t tell) I like doing activities outside and the beach is always a winner. (again, I’m a lucky gal) I live near a few beaches but if you do not, it would probably be best to make a weekend out of it. Make sure you check the websites mentioned above to make the most of your trip.

5. For some reason, America will celebrate anything…this time there is a plus to that. There is a festival for every fruit, nut and everything in between all over the country. They normally come with a parade, fair-like food and games and good time for a low amount of money. Who cares if you never thought a strawberry was that important. You can have a fun day because if it.

*singing* Summer days drifting away/but oh those summer nights

Ah yes, the days are longer but those steamy, sticky and (if you’re lucky) quite satisfying nights await you. You can have quite a few ‘dates’ or even do things with other friends and families like…

1. Water nights- I know you all are familiar with water days, you put on your swim suits and run around in the sprinklers until lunch… water nights have a similar concept except it is at night (duh…)! You can spice this up by making it an adult only affair (capture the flag style) and break out the super-soaker you have been eye-ing since you were 12 or keep it simple with your family.
2. Want something for you and your Mr. to do…try a summertime evening picnic. A few appetizers like fruit and cheese, some adult beverages, music and blanket is all you need. Location can be as far as your back yard or a local park- remember you can’t get too frisky in public…it is the law! (seriously, unless you own the property, it is illegal).
3. Wine Down Whenever- get together some of your gals and rotate homes once or twice a month. Everyone bring a bottle of wine-no need to spend your life savings- and drink, have a few laughs and look forward to the next time.
What is on your summer bucket list? Hope I helped you get started on knocking some off or adding some more!

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