Enjoying the Journey

Hey Loves!

It recently dawned on me that, although I have shared my marriage resources with you all on this page, I haven’t shared any experiences. My sincere apologies. Please allow me to correct that.

Sometimes being a Christian wife is hard. (Yea, I said it.) I am very A-type personality and the unexpected popping up literally throws me off kilter. Yes, I have been known to fall-out on the floor.  Like most people I know to pray and everything is all according God’s plan, not mine. Well, that is all fine and dandy after I have calmed down and returned to reality but what about the moments of pure insanity?!?! The moments when you really want to pick-up the phone, call your mother-in-law, and ask ‘exactly how many times did you drop him on his head?” The moments where you don’t understand what you did to the world and why everyone and everything in it has it out for you. And then, those times you really begin to believe you aren’t good enough.

Well friends, all of that is a part of this journey called life and I have learned (very recently) to find joy in the journey. After all, you could be stuck in the same place with no hope of improving right? If you will allow me, let me share what helps me meander the insanity and get to the joy.

  • Fellowship Groups: Join one for women, wives, moms, guys, dads and husbands (for my male readers). If you don’t know of any check with your church or friends and see if they have any recommendations. If you can’t find any, start one! (This is what I did!) I simply gathered some of my Christian-wife friends and we meet twice a month. In our meetings-that are more like socials- we review a learning tool like a devotional or a book, discuss our lives and support one another along our journey.
  • Quiet time: This one was hard for me. A specific amount of blocked off time where I have just to pray and be quiet…WHAT?!?! I quickly learned that ‘quiet time’ (I am not sure why it is called that) is when you reserve a certain time of day to bring positivity and peace into your heart and mind.

After doing it for only a week-I would normally pray, read a devotional, and listen to an inspirational podcast or music- I learned this is one of the greatest things I could have done. There is something really powerful when you allow God to be God.

Hope this helps you along your journey.

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