Havana Twist Hair Update=HIT!

Hey Loves!

I know it has been awhile since I filled you in on my hair.  Last we chatted, I decided on Havana twists as a protective style for the summer.  Well, 4 months in and these babies are a hit!

Let’s start from the top- How I did them:  For my first install (mid May – June 30), I used this YouTube tutorial. For my first attempt, it was very easy to do AND took about 4 hours.  The only issue that arose was my roots weren’t that “invisible”.  I think that was my fault though.  I used Pura Naturals Sapote hair lotion for moisture and Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel.  I used the same Marley hair I used for my buns, plus two new packs, totaling 4 packs.

For the second install, I got a different color of Marley hair (3 packs) and used Entwine Couture Butter Crème Hydrator and The Manipulator with this tutorial.  These were a bit trickier to install but once I got the hang of the process, I was on a roll.  These have also proved to be much more durable – withstanding a co-wash, workouts and the rain. I’m heading to Mexico, so I will let you know how they do on vacay! (I hope my hair doesn’t get searched by TSA.)

For both, I installed on dry stretched hair (without heat). For overnight protection, I had to invest in a larger bonnet to contain them and I would occasionally use a satin scarf to tame my edges. Here are some photos.

image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5

All in all – These have been AWESOME! I did a length check and my hair is growing beautifully.  My hair is also retaining moisture well.  The Havana twist were so good to me, they inspired me to drag my friends along for a 1 year protective style challenge!  Next up, crochet braids!

Who’s with me?

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