Finding the Blessing in Everything

Picture it: Florida, in the summer of 2013. Around 7 in the evening a vegetarian natualista parks  in the garage and the second she walks in the house she feels the heat…not in a good way.

“Why is it so hot in here” she yells at her husband who has stripped down to his knickers. It didn’t matter what his response was because it wasn’t going to solve the problem. She raced upstairs, checked the thermostat which read 80-freakin-2 degrees, found the home warranty information, calls and submits a new claim with hopes the A/C gods would smile on her. That didn’t happen. No service until the next day (at the earliest) was the verdict. She yells, she roars, she throws things. Realizing this isn’t going to help she threw herself into work in an attempt to calm herself. And then it dawns on her, it could be worse.


She could have not had A/C at all or not had the home warranty to get repairs done at minimal cost. She could have not had an understanding and loving husband who didn’t judge her for having a temper tantrum.

She made it through the night and even made it through to the next afternoon when the repair men arrived. They came. They saw. They fixed. All in like ten minutes. Friends, she is me. (DUH!!!!)

That day, I learned a lot. I am really blessed and sometimes the most dramatic moments and drastic changes are what it takes to remind me of that, which shouldn’t be the case. I should see the blessing in all things, not just the catastrophes.



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