Warming up to Fall Decor

Hey Loves!

Well, it’s Autumn and the weather is cooling down. It feels lovely outside –but what about inside? While it is colder outside, you still want the inside of your home to be warm and welcoming. I know Martha Stewart and the crafting-geniuses on Pintrest may be a bit intimidating, but I am here with some easy and inexpensive tips.

Use Fall Fruit- Yes, you read correctly, decorate with fall fruit. Apples, pears, pumpkins and grapes go a long way AND they promote you to eat healthier snacks. You can have a full fruit bowl on your kitchen table or counter and use apples instead of votives in candle holders. (Hint: for cleaning and preservation use this vegetable wash)

Burlap- Go Burlap crazy! Make a new table cloth, a runner for your coffee table, placemats, napkin rings, bows for the banister… the possibilities are endless. The plus, burlap is super cheap! I got mine for $2.97/yard at Wally World and 3 yards goes a long way. (Hint: iron the wrong side with heavy starch to avoid fraying) You can also get burlap in ribbon form which leads me to…

Mason Jars- I know they are normally used for preservation but they can be used for household décor. You can wrap then in different size burlap ribbon and place a tea light candle inside. For a different touch, you fill the jars half way with coffee beans before adding the tea light candle. Oh! Different size jars also add a great element to centerpieces.

Bring out the Blankets- What makes you feel warmer than a blanket? You can bring out comfortable throws that are complimentary to your décor with accent colors on the ends of couches and ottomans.

Hope this helps!

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