Dress Making= Sew Cute HIT!

So many of you know that me learning how to sew has been a LONG time coming but I finally learned and I am on a roll thanks to a lovely lady having pity on me and taking a lot of time to teach me.

After I finished my first project (a pillow) I jumped right into a new one… a chevron shift dress. First, thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to find this tutorial online and not have to fool with cutting out a pattern, I Just had to follow the lines outlined from a blousy top onto the fabric.

I didn’t do so hot cutting out the neckline lining as indicated in the tutorial and there was some trial-and-error learning…like remembering to put the presser foot down no matter how excited you are.

Anyway, here are some pics. I have many more things I want to sew and I’ll be sharing all the hits and misses with you.  I got the fabric for $2.97/yard at Wally World. (Joann’s or Hobby Lobby didn’t have it).



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