2014 Makeover=HIT!

Hey loves!

Hope you had a blast ringing in the new year. I did! I did something new for 2014 that I want to share with you. I got a make-over! Well, my purse did but I promise I look better than I did!

As organized as I am, my purse was a mess and I was ALWAYS digging for things! I could never find things when I needed them and sometimes I would have to carry another tote in addition to my purse for the rest of my stuff. So, I made some much needed adjustments and enhancements.

First, I realized I just need large purses. Clutches and cross-bodies are great for special outings but for day-to-day usage, I need space for all my stuff! So switched from my Betsy Johnson purse to my handy Coach tote. Then I made the following to organize my tote.
1. Business Card Holderr- to hold business and gift card
2. Mint pouch- to hold ginger mints, Altoona, gum and throat lozenges ( yes, I have all on me all the time.)
3. Large zippered pouch to hold all of my cosmetics
4. Tissue case– to hold and protect tissues in case I catch the sniffles.

The great things about a lather bag is that it can hold my planner and tablet-which I also have on me all the time.

The tutorials for everything but the mint pouch are linked.

To make the mint pouch, cut two pieces of the same or coordinating fabric in a small rectangle (or to the size you desire) and put them right-sides together. Sew or hot glue along the two short sides and one long side, leaving an opening at the top. Sew or got glue the salvaged-edges of the opening under to nake a finished look. Then turn inside out. You can add an electric band and button or Velcro to close.





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