Toast to YOU!

Some like to think the ‘New Year, New You’ saying is played out and a waste of time. I beg to differ.

A new year is a chance to improve you. Whether it is working on changing bad habits, improving your health or strengthening relationships, a new year is simply an opportunity to take advantage of.

Do I agree with the skeptics when they say ‘every day should be an opportunity’? Yes, I do, but sometimes we need a major kick-start. For some that kick-start is heart attack. For others, it’s a new year.

So today, and on this New Year’s Eve, raise your glasses and toast to you! Toast to what you’ve become and how you’ve grown. Celebrate the blessings bestowed upon you and your family and the faith that brought them to you.

I encourage you to make resolutions for this new year-but they should be attainable! A resolution (according to me) is nothing more than a working goal to be started and/or completed in the course of the coming year. You want to read more? Read books that interest you and will improve your life. This may not be time to pick up Chaucer. You want to exercise more? Get friends to hold you accountable and make a feasible schedule.

What are my resolutions?
1. Grow more in the word of God
2. Find more ways to improve my marriage
3. Restore household furniture (this has been on my to-do list for a while)
4. Run more and increase mileage
5. Continue to eat clean
6. Write more
7. Share more with you!

I’ve always considered 7 my ‘lucky’ number so it is quite fitting that I have 7 resolutions. I’m going to need help with number 7. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you want to read more of. Marriage building, Christian living, crafting, sewing, money saving-you name it and I will share.

Thanks so much for an AWESOME 2013 and I’m excited to share all the hits and misses of 2014 with you.

What are your resolutions for this upcoming year? What do you think about mines?


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