The Jonah In Me (and you) part 2

Hey loves!

I’m back with week 4 of the She Shares Truth Challenge by She Reads Truth. This week we are studying Jonah 3 and 4.

Have you ever been upset because something bad didn’t happen to someone? (I know that sounds terrible but let’s take a little time to look at ourselves.) Upset because a person didn’t get what you felt they deserved? Upset because you had to forgive someone for what they did to you? If not, my hat is off to you.

If you have, come join the club with Jonah and I. You see, once Jonah was spared by God’s grace and was obedient to His command, the people of Ninevah fasted and wore burlap to show sadness. They didn’t want God to destroy them so they sacrificed with hopes that He wouldn’t. They confessed their sins and made efforts and promises to change. So, God spared them and that’s what upset Jonah. It would’ve upset me too.

Get ready for some conviction…

The thing you, me and Jonah need to realize is that same grace that was shown to so many people who we believed didn’t deserve it was shown to us many, many, many times. We can’t determine where or how our great God shows His grace and mercy, but we can choose to be grateful for the grace and mercy He has shown to us.


The Jonah in Me (and you)

Hey Loves!

I’m back with my third installment of the She Shares Truth Challenge by She Reads Truth. This week we are studying Jonah 1 and 2 and I am stoked!

Pretty much everyone knows about Jonah and The Whale. I thought I did. Clearly, my children’s church lesson didn’t stick because reading these two (very short) biblical chapters are way more intense than I remember.

Jonah, a normal Hebrew, was going through life the best way he knew, following and praising God. However, when that wasn’t working for him anymore, he literally ran away.

Let me clarify, Jonah, very much like you and I, was a good person and a good Christian BUT when God specifically asked him to do one thing that was out of his comfort zone, he tried to outrun (rather out sail) and hide from God.

Sound familiar? Maybe not the hopping in a boat and sailing miles away but maybe saying:

“God, I can’t do that!”
“God, I’m not doing that!”
“God, You can’t ask me to do that!”

I’m guilty of all three actually. Jonah paid for his disobedience and lack of faith by having a proverbial “time-out” in the belly of a whale for a few days. I paid for my disobedience too. Thankfully, it was inland.

Like Jonah, God empowers us for whatever task He has planned. We can handle it because God gives us the strength, patience, time and words to do so. Today, I urge you to say yes to God. Say yes to your calling and trust Him. I promise, He has His best interest at heart, not ours, and that’s a wonderful thing– for you and me to be used for His best interest.

Psalm 38: The Joy in Guilt

Hey Loves!

So I am back with another post for the She Shares Truth Challenge from She Reads Truth. This week’s post comes from Psalm 38.

Let’s talk about guilt. Personally (and sadly) it is often a motivator for me. Sometimes, I go to the gym and refrain from things I want (but shouldn’t have) because I will feel guilty if I indulge. I attend certain events because I will feel guilty if I don’t. For too many women, guilt is a common emotion and a natural response to things.

Thankfully, our Father knew that and left us great teachings. The author of Psalm 38 is my favorite king, King David. You see, like us, David knew about guilt. In fact, he knew it pretty well. He made some bad decisions, the kind where that guilt would just overtake my being. However, David’s story isn’t about his guilt, it is about redemption and praise and that can be our story too.

Psalm 38 begins with the fears and guilt we, as humans, face often. Like David, we pursue good and evil comes. We too can call on our Savior in our times of need and guilt and He will come quickly to help us. David praised God for a Savior that was to come generations after him. We have a risen King that has already come and will come again. Our Lord knows what we long for and desire, when we feel alone and deserted, when we feel guilty and He saves. He stands by you, heals the hurt, absorbs the guilt and saves.

My Take On Psalm 130…She Shares Truth

Hey loves!

So I am accepting the challenge from She Reads Truth to do a blog post every Friday of lent on a bible chapter and/or verse(s) for the She Shares Truth Experiment. This week is Psalm 130.

Let me preface this post by saying, I’ve been praying about how and when I should use my God-given talents and it is no mistake She Reads Truth came into my life and came up with this challenge.

Ok…now for my take on Psalm 130.

Out of all the great praises and pleas in the chapter, the words that stuck out to me were “Pay attention”. I think it is funny this Psalmist asked our great God to pay attention. I mean, how could He not? He is the God that freed the Hebrews from bondage and continually saved them in battles. He even paid enough attention to the future, our present needs, and sent His son as the ultimate sacrifice so we can be forgiven. Yet, the Psalmiat insists the God pay attention to his plea.

Have you ever been there? Wanting God to pay attention to you? Your needs? Your pleas? Your desires? I have and I am here to tell you He surely is. The same God that formed you before you were born and knows the number of hairs on your head is paying attention. He hears you.

In those times of desperation and pain, I urge you to pay attention to all God did for his children, the Bible and know you are no exception.

Later in Psalm 130, I guess the author realized who he was asking to pay attention and said “7. O Israel, hope in the Lord, for the Lord exhibits loyal love, and is more than willing to deliver. 8 He will deliver Israel from all the consequences of their sins.” (NET)

Sisters, pay attention.

Hair Update

Hey Loves!

So last we chatted about my hair, the protective style challenge did its job but my hair couldn’t handle the full year.

Recently I have noticed my curl patterned has loosened and doesn’t hold definition of my braid-outs like it used to.

This isn’t a bad thing. Yes, at first I thought it was horrid and then I realized it could be much worse. Much, much, much worse. Check YouTube if you doubt me.

So? I’m working with what I’ve got. I’ve been deep conditioning every week using one or both of the conditioners from Trader Joe’s. They are super cheap and super awesome. I’ve also been clarifying with ACV and finger detangling.

I’m still working on trying to figure out what styling products work for me.

Any suggestions?

Until next time…

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