The Jonah In Me (and you) part 2

Hey loves!

I’m back with week 4 of the She Shares Truth Challenge by She Reads Truth. This week we are studying Jonah 3 and 4.

Have you ever been upset because something bad didn’t happen to someone? (I know that sounds terrible but let’s take a little time to look at ourselves.) Upset because a person didn’t get what you felt they deserved? Upset because you had to forgive someone for what they did to you? If not, my hat is off to you.

If you have, come join the club with Jonah and I. You see, once Jonah was spared by God’s grace and was obedient to His command, the people of Ninevah fasted and wore burlap to show sadness. They didn’t want God to destroy them so they sacrificed with hopes that He wouldn’t. They confessed their sins and made efforts and promises to change. So, God spared them and that’s what upset Jonah. It would’ve upset me too.

Get ready for some conviction…

The thing you, me and Jonah need to realize is that same grace that was shown to so many people who we believed didn’t deserve it was shown to us many, many, many times. We can’t determine where or how our great God shows His grace and mercy, but we can choose to be grateful for the grace and mercy He has shown to us.


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