To The Man Sitting Next To Me In The Pew

Hey Loves!

I’m back with another post for the She Shares Truth Challenge by She Reads Truth. Today we are reviewing 1 Corinthians 2:1-5.

Last Sunday, I was inspired by the man sitting next to me at church and wanted to share the following with you all. Then, God answered with the She Shares Truth verse for this week. Let me know what you think!

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, you don’t know me or I you but you taught me something that I will carry in my heart.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, I noticed you give all you could in the collection plate. The pennies, nickels and dimes that barley totaled $1 moved me in ways you will never know.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, I know you put on your best to come to church today. While I got up and changed my outfit three times, you put on dated hand-me-down jeans and a shirt that was too big.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, I saw you take your old bible and be steadfast and attentive through the sermon while I used three electronic devices to follow along and enjoyed my protein shake.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, thank you for reminding me what Jesus needs from us. Thank you for not being ashamed of what you brought to The Lord, what you wore to worship Him, and, most importantly, not letting any of that stop you from coming to church.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, thank you for inspiring me to draw closer to God and not to things or appearances this world tells me I need. Thank you for reminding that what I give to God should only be validated by God and not what the person next to me gives.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, what you taught me today was just that, a lesson, not condemnation. You don’t have an address and I don’t know where your next meal will come from but the joy in your heart is remarkable and God rewards the dutiful like you.

To the man sitting next to me in the pew, thank you.



8 thoughts on “To The Man Sitting Next To Me In The Pew

  1. That just gave me some chills. All to often I am like you, my heart is not in the meaning of loving and following Jesus. I needed this little story today to show me to look at those who have something to teach me. I have much to learn but God puts people into our lives if only for an hour, to teach us a lesson that we truly need to hear. Thank you for sharing!

    • Amen! That is surely the truth and his love for us covers us in grace so, when we do remember where are hearts focus should be, He is right there waiting. Thanks for reading!

  2. I teared up a bit reading this. Such pure, steadfast faith. Thank you for sharing this experience. That man certainly can teach us all something very important.

  3. God bless your kind heart that saw this man as Jesus sees him! I dedicate my volunteer time to folks in need due to poverty, homelessness and incarceration. Your post deeply touched my heart, bringing tears to my eyes and many faces to my mind. Each and every person I have sought to bless in Jesus’ name has blessed me tenfold in return and taught me countless valuable lessons about Jesus and His love. Praise God for His amazing grace!

  4. I’m holding back tears, you post has reminded me that we need to be more like Paul stop focusing on the things from the world and simply set our eyes on God. Allow others to see us like the man who sat next you, pure hearted and only focused on pleasing God. Thanks for sharing your post, it has impacted my life, God bless.

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