Summer Hair Update

Hey Loves!

How’s summer treatin’ ya? Well, mines is pretty ok. I’m not sure about where you live but the weather here is hot- I mean sweltering, would pass out and die without A/C- hot. Oh, and we’ve had some rain storms, so needless to say me and my hair have seen better days.

Unfortunately, I noticed some breakage around my edges after taking out my twist, hence me being nervous to do more twist or box braids, etc. (Full disclosure- I wasn’t the most attentive to my hair while it was twisted. I’m not sure what caused the breakage but I do know my hair was neglected.)

To keep my hair protected and sanity in-tact, I’ve been doing several combos of goddess twist/braids, buns and up-dos. They are working and allow for weekly DC’s. I am running out of ideas though.

I haven’t noticed any more breakage and my curl pattern is finally attempting some sibilance of definition, don’t get excited-my hair type is still undetermined.

I did have a huge victory in the product department! (In case this is your first reading, welcome and I’m a recovering hair product junkie.) I haven’t made any new hair product purchases since January and vowed to get rid of my current stash before purchasing anymore all to achieve my goal of living well with less. Well, I am very pleased to stay I have used all of my conditioners!!! *pats self on back* Next up, styling butters… Wish me luck!

Well, that’s all for now folks. Let me know if you have any styling ideas.

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