We’re having a…

Wait for it…

I gotta tell you about my gender reveal first!

We invited our closest friends over and invited our family (who aren’t local) to live stream via U-Stream for an ice cream social!

Then we broke down the following poem by putting a different line in seperate envelopes. Right before we were ready to start, we had guest pull a numbered envelope from a basket and read the lines to find out!

We. Are. Thrilled!

Can’t wait to share more! Until next time loves!

10 little fingers
10 little toes
2 beautiful eyes
1 button nose
2 praying hands
2 kicking feet
1 pair of lips
We can’t wait to meet
Put them all together for a very special thing
A baby boy is the most beautiful gift life can bring


Ten Things You Learn In The First Trimester

1. I prayed for you and God answered.
-Seriously, it was that simple. I surrendered my body and the process to God. A friend told me (as anxiety was mounting) that God makes people, not me. That stuck with me.

2. When I’m tired and nauseous, I have to remember number 1.
-So, I thought IBS prepped me for nausea…nope. It sucks…royally but I prayed for you and now I never leave home without ginger mints.

3. Your daddy loves me, and you.
-Either that or your parents or plum crazy. My emotions are a roller coaster- in happy one minute, fire-red mad the next and then sobbing because…I don’t know. That man of mine has dealt with it all…thankfully.

4. Naps are your friend
– Planned, unplanned, your couch, a friend’a couch-the logistics really aren’t important. Just nap.

5. I’m still superwoman
-I got really down on myself for being so tired and lethargic and couldn’t tackle to-do list like I used to. Well, laundry, you’re gonna have to wait. I’m busy making a human.

6. Let’s talk about Boobs…
-Sheesh! We can’t avoid them!They are everywhere, except nicely placed in this bathing suit/tank/shirt…

7. Let’s not talk about weight gain…
-Nuff said…

8. Pregnancy brain is real and begins at conception
-Let me preface this with I was a very organized person. I remembered things…like the rest of this sentence…

9. Thanks for making food decisions harder
-I could make a decision about pretty much anything except where to eat. Now, I have a slew of aversions and really can never decide what I want to eat. Fun times…

10. It could’ve been worse
-I could spend every day chained to a toilet. I could have severe adverse reactions to pregnancy. I could not be pregnant at all. And I’m back at number one.

Until next time loves!

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Happy Labor Day!

Hey Loves!

The summer really did fly by! Although the weather still feels like summer here in Florida, Fall will be here before you know it.

How are you celebrating Labor Day? We are celebrating in a few ways:
1. Cleaning and packing for a trip
2. Enjoying a day off (for my husband, of course)
3. Realizing that in a matter of weeks I will actually be in labor!!!!

That’s right! The Mrs. is going to be a mom and I couldn’t be more excited. My life is changing and, as always, I’ll be sharing it with you!

Have a great Labor Day and be safe!