Ten Things You Learn In The First Trimester

1. I prayed for you and God answered.
-Seriously, it was that simple. I surrendered my body and the process to God. A friend told me (as anxiety was mounting) that God makes people, not me. That stuck with me.

2. When I’m tired and nauseous, I have to remember number 1.
-So, I thought IBS prepped me for nausea…nope. It sucks…royally but I prayed for you and now I never leave home without ginger mints.

3. Your daddy loves me, and you.
-Either that or your parents or plum crazy. My emotions are a roller coaster- in happy one minute, fire-red mad the next and then sobbing because…I don’t know. That man of mine has dealt with it all…thankfully.

4. Naps are your friend
– Planned, unplanned, your couch, a friend’a couch-the logistics really aren’t important. Just nap.

5. I’m still superwoman
-I got really down on myself for being so tired and lethargic and couldn’t tackle to-do list like I used to. Well, laundry, you’re gonna have to wait. I’m busy making a human.

6. Let’s talk about Boobs…
-Sheesh! We can’t avoid them!They are everywhere, except nicely placed in this bathing suit/tank/shirt…

7. Let’s not talk about weight gain…
-Nuff said…

8. Pregnancy brain is real and begins at conception
-Let me preface this with I was a very organized person. I remembered things…like the rest of this sentence…

9. Thanks for making food decisions harder
-I could make a decision about pretty much anything except where to eat. Now, I have a slew of aversions and really can never decide what I want to eat. Fun times…

10. It could’ve been worse
-I could spend every day chained to a toilet. I could have severe adverse reactions to pregnancy. I could not be pregnant at all. And I’m back at number one.

Until next time loves!

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