Super-Mom to the Rescue

Hey Loves!

So, it dawned on me the other day that I literally have four jobs…four.

Yes, two require my presence once a week and one is from home. The last, which is actually my first, takes the most time, causes the most headache, pays the least and, ironically, gives the greatest reward. You guessed it. That last one would be my home (such a short word for everything that goes into it).

So, household exec+ 3 other jobs+ leadership positions in two organizations+membership in 2 (other) organizations+church (don’t pay attention to the order these items are listed in)+ doctor’s appointments and physical therapy…yea, you’re probably tired just reading it and this is my life… Every. Single. Day.

How I’m gonna throw loving parent in that list in a few months is literally beyond me. Yes, I know the logical thing to do is cut-back and step away from things but so many other wives and moms do so much more with so much less. They just wake up, adorn their capes and take-on the world. They. Are. Super. Their powers vary and most of them have more than one super power.

Well, I’m super too. So super that I know when to ask for help. And by ask, I may mean sulkily confront my husband about not being able to do it all by myself and needing help while washing and possibly throwing dishes. The details aren’t important, right?

The point is all these super-wives and moms have super-strength…asking for help. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s even demeaning but, like everything else, it needs to be done and we need to do it.

Until next time…keep using that super strength.

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