Baby Making: Glider Edition

Hey Loves!

So with just 12 very short weeks before my baby boy is set to arrive, I’ve been busy making our home ready to welcome him. I started with recovering a glider rocking chair and ottoman that was gifted to us.

Note: I’m picky…more so than I thought. I couldn’t find a chair I really liked that went with my vision for the nursery so, as always, making one, or making as much as I could of one, was the way to go.

I started by visiting my local craft store and picking up a roll of foam padding and fabric. Our nursery theme is travel and I couldn’t resist the colors and simplicity of this fabric. It helped that my husband loved it too.


The I traced the old cushions on the foam with a sharpie and cut along the lines.


After that, I covered the foam pieces with the fabric, wrong side out. I didn’t cut along the fold. Instead I used it to my advantage- that’s one side without pinning or sewing. However, depending on the size of your cushions, that may not be feasible.


Lastly, I pinned around the cushions, sewed them, flipped the fabric inside out and… Viola! A gorgeous custom chair for less than $35 and 1 hour of work. (I didn’t sew the bottom/back of each piece. I wanted to be able to remove for washing. I also plan to make a pillow or two for added support.)


I did the same with the ottoman but that took longer because of the screws and staples from a staple gun. I used hot glue to leave room error. It won’t rip the fabric…

Until next time, like, comment and share!


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