More for the Nursery…Watch him grow!

Hey Loves!

So I’m back with another inexpensive and quick nursery decor tutorial.

Let me start with saying this: I was not going to make this item. I was going to buy it, whatever the cost. My reason: I’m not that great at math. Well, I was wrong (about the making it part, not so much the math…).

So, my baby boy and all out future children need a growth chart right? I mean, marking ticks in a wall simply won’t do! So, I searched high and low for a growth chart that went well with our home decor and $50-$80 later, I decided to just see if there was a tutorial that would cost less and easy enough for me to complete and I found this.

Amazing right? So, I went to Home Depot bought a fence slat.


Instead of painting it, I stained it to go with out home decor a little better. Note: Stain takes longer to dry than paint. While the stain I was drying, I cute out the numbers (1-6) with my cricut.

After everything was cut and dry (literally), I got out my tape measure, pencil and protractor. I took it one foot at a time and measured each inch, making the 1/2 foot mark (6 inches) longer that the other inch marks, and made each foot measurement longer than the half-foot.


Then I painting the lines in grey, added the numbers and viola! I a growth chart for little time, effort and totaling $1.71. Cant beat that if you tried!



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