Happy World Breastfeeding Week! 

It’s World Breast Feeding Week! How did you celebrate? 

I celebrated two ways. The first way was to think about and pray for all the mamas who had to stop nursing their littles. Whether they chose not to because of their work schedule, their bodies couldn’t keep up or they weren’t producing enough and supplements weren’t helping-my heart hurts for them. I know the panic and pain that ensues anytime I think my supply is dropping so I can only imagine not having this experience. 
Thinking about and praying for those mamas brought me to the second way I celebrated: Giving thanks. It is truly s privilege to sustain life. My child won’t take bottles or sippys and reacts to red sauce, dairy and gluten so I have to watch my diet (of which I already didn’t eat meat or eggs). My entire wardrobe has morphed into ‘can I pop a boob out of that?’ My schedule revolves around feelings and naps. So, it would be easy for me to quit this-but I’m fortunate enough that my mammory glands keep producing and my kid keeps eating. 
I would really like to get photos of me in the act-just to capture the memory because, you know, mom brain. 
Until next time, nurse on and support those mamas feeding their kids the best way they can. 


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