Thanksgiving and Black Friday Tips

Forgive my tardiness friends but better late than never, right?

I just wanted to share my tips on how I make it through Thanksgiving and Black Friday with my sanity and my savings account.

The main thing, PLAN! Now, for those of you who know me, keep quiet. For those new to my world, I love to plan. Nothing makes me happier than a plan seen through from start to end. Plans are my happy place. So, I plan my menu, make a very detailed grocery list, plan which store has the best item for the best price, and plan my shopping trip. To date, I haven’t forgotten anything at the store and I’ve stayed on budget. My #1 piece of advice: Don’t buy or cook anything you or your family can’t or won’t eat. Is it polite to cater to others? Yes. Is it financially sound? Yeah, no. Trust me, I’ve had many an item in my house either I or my husband won’t eat and it sucks.

I plan my buffet, I plan the layout of my house to make sure everyone has access to food, bathroom, drinks and entertainment without having to ask me for help. (Ha! You thought I was doing this for my guests!) You see, friends, I plan for me. Just me. If planning for me is wrong, I will never be right. Never.

So, guess what I do for Black Friday? Yup, plan. I look up ads weeks before online. (They get leaked. How? Idk… and I don’t care.) Then, I make a budget and prioritize. Black Friday is famous for setting spending traps, don’t get caught friends. You’re better than that. Now, with the saving grace of technology, you can probably get your needs and wants online and maybe even the day or week before but you have to…PLAN and research to make sure you in the know!

Happy Eating. Happy Shopping. I’m thankful for you, always.


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