Merry Mail Cardholder Quick Craft

 So, the weekend before Thanksgiving, my family and friends went to a local craft and food festival where we saw a Merry Mail Cardholder for $10. Not bad, but I figured I could make it myself. Well, I did. First, I bought a thin wood rectangle from Joanns. It was around $1 after a coupon was applied. 

Then, I painted it with grey acrylic paint, hand-lettered the words (I know my hand-lettering needs LOTS of work! I’m working on it!) and added some red and green polka dots. You can also use vinyl for the words and polka dots. I just wanted to paint. 
Then, I plugged in the hot glue gun and went to my ribbon stash. I found some wired Christmas ribbon from 3 years ago and decided it needed to be used. I also found a bow from a gift last year made with satin ribbon and used that as the handle. (If you, don’t have the bow, you can use ribbon, burlap or just wire to hang it up.) I used hot glue to attach the ribbon and bow. 
Then, because I was going the most, I painted some plain wooden clothes pins I got from Wal-Mart for $.97 red, white and green and attached then to the ribbon after they dried. 
I let sit overnight and then hung inside. Sorry about the lack of pictures. 


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