Why I don’t share my kid on Social Media

Hey loves!

So, I got a text asking for a picture of my baby since “we are being Jay-Z and Beyoncé” and hiding him from the public. While I know she was just teasing and loves and respects me, I thought I should address why you won’t see our baby online.

The first reason we agreed on this was because we, as adults, made the decision to join social media platforms and choose what we share. We understand and can take whatever backlash we get. Our baby should have that same right and should be prepared for the perils that come with this decision. Not to mention, once that gate is open, there is no going back and, knowing me, I would share about 85 pictures of him a day.

The next reason solidified our choice-The crazy people in the world. Can we talk about Catfishing babies? Actually, let’s not. Just know that it happens and I didn’t want to put myself in a position to be a victim of it. I know I can’t protect my baby boy from everything and I can only prepare him so much but this …just ridiculous! So, we just thought it was best to keep him off.

Now, the third reason, some may call petty. Others, may see it as rude but most of y’all understand where we are coming from. We have so many people who love and support us right where we are; who text us regularly (because who has time to talk on the phone), send care packages, pray for us and just have our backs, ya know? Those people are invested in us and see our baby grow. Others, for whatever reason, chose to step out of our lives, not be there anymore and not do the work. Those people don’t get to have the same benefits as the people who do. It’s just that simple.

Now, I certainly don’t judge you for sharing pics of your babies and, sometimes, I look forward to them. This isn’t a lack-luster attempt to mommy-shame, I’m not about that bass. I walk in my truth and I want you to walk in yours.

Love you, mean it.


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