Valentine’s Day Attire

Hey Loves!

So, my mom went ham and bought me a ton of vinyl for Christmas and it was a burning a proverbial hole in my proverbial pocket and I just had to make something. And then this happened… 

I have no idea how I got all this done but I made:

1. For James- the shirt for his basketball-themed first birthday party (Deets later because y’all know I’m already in mourning.) with a green shirt he already had (hand-me-down, maybe?) and orange vinyl. It spells out ‘One’ but the ‘O’ is a basketball. He also got a YOOO (in conjunction with, not in opposition to YOLO) shirt on a solid grey shirt from Hobby Lobby and red and black vinyl. Finally, I made him a Valentine’s Day outfit with a solid white shirt and grey pants (Old Navy, $1.87 for both after coupon) with red and black vinyl. This is the cutest Valentine’s Day outfit!
2. For me- A heart-themed shirt, red vinyl on a solid black long-sleeve shirt (less than $2 from Old Navy). This has my monogram in the heart with hearts as elbow-patches. I also made a shirt that reads “Mommin’ ain’t Easy” on a blue and white Baseball tee($7.99 from Sports Authority but free after coupon). Lastly I added monograms to my phone case and my planner. 
I’m in love. And vigilantly searching for more things to make…


DIY Days: Mom Edition

Hey Loves!
So, my son doesn’t handle drastic weather change well. And since he was born, that’s all that happens where I live except the 4 months out of the year where it is too hot to move. I digress. 
Anywho, he gets really congested and snotty and it’s hard for him to sleep and it’s kinda gross. Well, really gross. 
So, when I was pregnant I bought boogie wipes with one of the gift cards I got and was going to buy some more when I googled to see what other people did and that led me to many recipes. I chose this one. I doubled it, I can’t remember why now but unless your wiping 20 noses a day, I would say doubling it is unnecessary. 
So far, I’m really pleased. And they aren’t just for my son-we all use them. I know all the ingredients in it and I can wash the wipes and re-use them. That’s what I call #winning!

New Year, New Planner

Hey loves!

We’ve discussed how weird I am, right? Well, in case you forgot, let me give you a refresher. My favorite part of the end of one year and the beginning of another-researching and getting a new planner. Oh. Sweet. Joy!
I feel inspired and rejuvenated! For the past two years, I’ve had a Paper Plum Planner and loved it. It was great. However, it wasn’t suiting all my needs being a SAHM now. I needing something that allowed for personalized daily sections and places to make list and stay organized with my stuff, baby stuff, house stuff and what my husband has going on. So the search continued. It was pretty bleak until Google images led to the Mom On The Go Planner. My life was forever changed from that moment. 

Not only does it have everything listed above, it has holiday planning guides- SERIOUSLY!!!! No extra sheets or printables needed. It has home goals finance trackers, note pages, pocket folder, plastic pouch and the list goes on. To top it all off, it’s the cutest thing ever. I also got some sweet new pens to plan away. I’m in heaven every week.  

My 3 drawbacks-
You can’t personalize the cover. They have different options for you to choose from but it’s not your name or monogram and the options on design are limited. But, I put my silhouette to work and added a monogram. 
The sheets are thin-about as thin as Paper Plum but I would like a heavy stationary. 
It starts on Jan. 3., not Jan. 1. My OCD couldn’t handle that. 
But that’s it. Those are my only issues! 
You know you want one. 
Here’s to an organized, very happy 2016!


What’s in my Baby Bag

Hey Loves!

So, I’ve been called an over-packer. I’ve been called anal. I’ve never been called unprepared. So, here’s what I got in my bag.

1. Dipes and wipes- Do I need to explain this?
2 Bibs- for the geyser that is my teething kid’s mouth.
3. Socks- because I don’t like people I don’t know touching my babies feet because I believe you can get germs that way…yucky, Satan-worshipping germs that will infiltrate my baby, then my home and we will all be consumed with a disease that will surely bring us to the brink of death. (I’ve also been called a hypochondriac.)
4. Burp cloth- when the drool seeps past the bib…
5. Pacifier, back up pacifier- I think this is self explanatory
6. Toy, back-up toy- my baby likes to be entertained y’all.
7. K’Tan Carrier- you never know when you need to wear a baby, and in the event that my ergo is not available, the K’tan saves us.
8. A blanket- also known as makeshift play mat or covering for warmth
9. First aid kit-this is more for his clumsy mama 😉
10. Hand sanitizer and Lysol- the GERMS MUST DIE!
11. Wet bags- one for cloth diapers and disposable plastics grocery bags for poop/pee filled clothes
12. Change of clothes-When baby decides to poop everywhere but the diaper.
13. Formula and bottle- Because if something happened to me and I couldn’t feed me baby…#hypochondriacprobs
14. Poop bags-the bags that cover up poopy diaper smells when we change on-the-go.
15. Mommy junk pouch-Necessities like lip balm, lip gloss, concealer, mascara, mints…

Again, I’m over-prepared but I’ve always got everything I need.

Cheers to You and The New Year!

Hey loves!

A new year, already? When did that happen. I wanted to share with you my last New Year Post as these things still ring very true to me, down to the resolutions. I’ve restored furniture but I’m always making stuff for my baby. Hope you enjoy and happy New Year!

Toast to YOU!

Some like to think the ‘New Year, New You’ saying is played out and a waste of time. I beg to differ.
A new year is a chance to improve you. Whether it is working on changing bad habits, improving your health or strengthening relationships, a new year is simply an opportunity to take advantage of.
Do I agree with the skeptics when they say ‘every day should be an opportunity’? Yes, I do, but sometimes we need a major kick-start. For some that kick-start is heart attack. For others, it’s a new year.
So today, and on this New Year’s Eve, raise your glasses and toast to you! Toast to what you’ve become and how you’ve grown. Celebrate the blessings bestowed upon you and your family and the faith that brought them to you.
I encourage you to make resolutions for this new year-but they should be attainable! A resolution (according to me) is nothing more than a working goal to be started and/or completed in the course of the coming year. You want to read more? Read books that interest you and will improve your life. This may not be time to pick up Chaucer. You want to exercise more? Get friends to hold you accountable and make a feasible schedule.
What are my resolutions?

1. Grow more in the word of God

2. Find more ways to improve my marriage and mothering.

3. Be a better friend

4. Run more and increase mileage

5. Continue to eat clean

6. Write more

7. Share more with you!
I’ve always considered 7 my ‘lucky’ number so it is quite fitting that I have 7 resolutions. I’m going to need help with number 7. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you want to read more of. Marriage building, Christian living, crafting, sewing, money saving-you name it and I will share.
Thanks so much for an AWESOME 2015 and I’m excited to share all the hits and misses of 2016 with you.
What are your resolutions for this upcoming year? What do you think about mines?