What’s in my Baby Bag

Hey Loves!

So, I’ve been called an over-packer. I’ve been called anal. I’ve never been called unprepared. So, here’s what I got in my bag.

1. Dipes and wipes- Do I need to explain this?
2 Bibs- for the geyser that is my teething kid’s mouth.
3. Socks- because I don’t like people I don’t know touching my babies feet because I believe you can get germs that way…yucky, Satan-worshipping germs that will infiltrate my baby, then my home and we will all be consumed with a disease that will surely bring us to the brink of death. (I’ve also been called a hypochondriac.)
4. Burp cloth- when the drool seeps past the bib…
5. Pacifier, back up pacifier- I think this is self explanatory
6. Toy, back-up toy- my baby likes to be entertained y’all.
7. K’Tan Carrier- you never know when you need to wear a baby, and in the event that my ergo is not available, the K’tan saves us.
8. A blanket- also known as makeshift play mat or covering for warmth
9. First aid kit-this is more for his clumsy mama šŸ˜‰
10. Hand sanitizer and Lysol- the GERMS MUST DIE!
11. Wet bags- one for cloth diapers and disposable plastics grocery bags for poop/pee filled clothes
12. Change of clothes-When baby decides to poop everywhere but the diaper.
13. Formula and bottle- Because if something happened to me and I couldn’t feed me baby…#hypochondriacprobs
14. Poop bags-the bags that cover up poopy diaper smells when we change on-the-go.
15. Mommy junk pouch-Necessities like lip balm, lip gloss, concealer, mascara, mints…

Again, I’m over-prepared but I’ve always got everything I need.


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