Homeschool Preschool: Finding resources 

Hey loves!

I’m continuing my series on how I’m homeschooling my toddler. This post will explain how I found my resources and how you can too. To be clear, this post could be summed up in two words: The Internet.


Yup. That’s it, folks. Seriously. I’m not joking. I didn’t design one single thing.


So, let’s delve a little deeper into the World Wide Web.


Lesson plans: I have to have things written out and planned. I understand they may change or repeat, but I need framework. Kudos to you that can fly by the seat of your pants. I envy you. So, I went to Pintrest and behold- tons of lesson plan printables. Don’t go Pin happy. Remember what you are focusing on. Keep it simple. I decided on this one as it was separated by subject matter and day, and I could add bible verses and black history facts.


Curriculum/Themes: We decided not to go with a curriculum and not, necessarily, doing a hard- core theme every week. Again, I used what I wanted to focus on as a guideline and went from there. Yes, in October we are doing Halloween crafts and a bunch of stuff with pumpkins but in January we are learning about the Chinese New Year because inclusion of different cultures is very important to me. Get the picture?


Printables: For us, this looked like letter coloring sheets, maps, flags from other countries. For you, this could be very different.


Lesson plan ideas: I honestly couldn’t believe what was available to me. I mean, they took information sharing to a whole new level. Yes, there are entire lesson plans out there for you to print and teach on various subjects. I looked up ideas especially on subject areas I wasn’t the most familiar on like Ramadan and applied them to his level of development and educational goals.


So, here are my steps so far on how I prepped for homeschool preschool;


1. Know what I want to teach/focus on

2. Find a lesson plan printable that worked for us

3. Make a schedule to complete lesson plans (make this reasonable)

4. Research ideas, printables and whatever else I needed to.


Lastly, and I’m only saying this because in this information-sharing age, it gets over looked, the Library. Your local library is there for you to help you and your child delve into so many new things. And it’s free! (As long as you return books on time.)



Ok-I’m cutting this one off here. Until next time!


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