Homeschool Preschool: Plan to succeed

Hey loves!

I’m back with my third installment on how I prepared for homeschool preschool. This week I want to take a break from guiding you to encouraging you. I know I went from super excited and eager to anxious and nervous.


“I have another baby coming. How on earth am I gonna do this?”


“2 kids, under 2… Who’s idea was this?”


“I’m getting a job. And a cleaning lady.”


“Oh crap! Literacy is on me.”


Those were very honest and real thoughts I had, minus the swear words.


I guess I just got overwhelmed by my responsibility level in all of this. Not to mention, I’m one who always has in the back of her mind that someone else can do this better. But, I had to build a bridge and get over that. Nobody knows my kid better than me. They may think they do and I want to hysterically laugh in their face, but they don’t. It’s ok to own that.


That didn’t ease the overwhelming thoughts. So, I took a break. Not a huge one but enough for me to recharge. I focused on something else for a little bit. Sharpened some skills, gained some confidence, and came back at this guns blazing.


You see, nobody is going to remember if I forgot something but me. Honestly, nobody is going to remember if I have a stellar teaching day but me. So rain or shine, I’m going to succeed and so are you!


I could do all the physical planning in the world, but if my mind doesn’t believe I’m going to succeed, my heart won’t be in this and then, I’ll really fail. So, we are going to succeed!


Say it with me, Yes I can!


Yes I can!


Yes I can!


Keep on chanting.


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