My Favorite Things: Podcast

Hey Loves!

It is series time! Woooooooooohooooooo! I am very excited about this series (if you can’t tell.) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am taking me back! A year ago, I couldn’t even compose this list. Not only did I not have the headspace for it but I literally did not have favorite things. Yes, that is sad and if you are there, I am extending my hand to you. We will get there together. No, I am not Oprah, but if there is anything Oprah does it is share. So, I am receiving this from her and running with it.

Now, this series, it requires a disclaimer. These are my favorite things. Said things have not paid me or given me free products to be added to this list. Yay! Let’s get started on with the list!


Let’s be honest, I am late to the game and that happens often. Any time someone or the world is like, “you should try this!” or, “this is so great!”, I respond with, “eh, I’m not sure that’s for me.” Nonsense. Just…nonsense.

Anyway, in very late March or early April, I was literally taking the first steps of fixing me and I didn’t feel safe with my own voice. (Just go with me on this.) I’d emptied out everything I’ve felt and said to myself for years and all of these new feeling and thoughts were coming from my mind. They were very unfamiliar. So, honestly, I just wanted a familiar voice. A voice that was true, unwavering and a voice I trusted.

So, I put my younger kid in the stroller and grabbed my phone. Hand to God, I have no idea how the podcast app opened. I do remember saying, “Oh! This! This could work. I can do this.”

So, I turned on “For The Love” Podcast with Jen Hatmaker solely because I trusted her voice, rather, I trusted her heart. Y’all, I didn’t even know how podcasts were organized. Somehow, I found one from September 2017 with Glennon Doyle. Oh. My. Word. I referenced her and her greatness in an earlier post but man, oh man, did I need the two of them that day. Then, the floodgates opened. 

I mean, I wasn’t sure about these new voices in my head but I did know I needed a supporting argument for or against what was happening. Enter Podcasts. 

I personally love ones that build all facets of me in any way. I also enjoy ones that are just plain funny. This is also a part of my me-time and I can do them just about everywhere! They have helped me use my headphones. Who knew???

In short, podcasts are amazing. I love them. Do you? If so, which ones? Spill. Now.

Love you. Mean It.


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