Under Construction

Hey Loves!

I think I know what you are thinking. “I haven’t heard from her in literal months and now her blog is ‘under construction’?” I could also be projecting my feelings on to you… Either way, I am so sorry for the lack of content. If you’ve been following me on social media (if you aren’t, are we really friends? j/k!), then you know my family has been going through A LOT physically and emotionally and, truthfully, we may be going through some more.

However, I MISS YOU TONS so I’ve devised a way for us to still connect, me to share and you to receive and/or laugh at/with me, through all my hits and misses.

The blog is under construction because I recently was under construction (I actually still am but in a good way :). I changed, improved and streamlined now it is time for this blog to represent that too. Don’t ya think?

This change is a partnership. We work together. I need your help.

  1. I need to know what you want to read/get from me. This overhaul is NOT for me, it is for you and all my new friends. Could you pretty please fill out a super short survey by clicking here? It would help us both tons.
  2. One of the new ways I devised to connect with you is through “email newsletters”. That is in quotes because I know what you are thinking, “something else in my inbox.” I get it. Hear me out-what if you got 4 short paragraphs on content that you WANT to read about and an optional link to a blog post. Remember, we are friends¬†and we love each other. I tell you no lies. All I need is your email address by clicking here.
  3. Follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and the book of faces, also known as Facebook if you aren’t already. That’s easy access to new blogs, updates and this crazy life of mines.

See? Easy. 1. Survey; 2. Email address; 3. Follow Me.

Ready? Break!

You’re the best.

Love you. Mean it.