My first Cloth Diaper Haul

Hey Loves!

I’m so excited to share this post with you! I ordered these cloth diapers, inserts and covers from on Wednesday, 11/26 around 10 a.m. They were having a 40% off site-wide sale and I thought they was a great opportunity to start out stash and try a certified green brands, Tiny Tush, Sweet Pea and Sprout Change.

From a customer service aspect, I am very pleased. I received notification of my order shipment by 4 p.m. The same day. They also have me a free diaper because one they were out of one of the styles I ordered. Their website is also very user friendly and has a blog. I received my order one week later.

Ok, now to these diapers…

I’m so in love with the prints and colors. Plus, they feel Ah-MAY-Zing!!!! What do you think? They are pocket diapers and came with two inserts.

I know the thought of cloth diapering is making some of you cringe as we speak but after discussing it with the Mr. and some friends who cloth, it is what’s best for our family.


I also got 6 Alva diapers (thanks Mom) from Amazon. These prints are also too cute!