Summer Hair Update

Hey Loves!

How’s summer treatin’ ya? Well, mines is pretty ok. I’m not sure about where you live but the weather here is hot- I mean sweltering, would pass out and die without A/C- hot. Oh, and we’ve had some rain storms, so needless to say me and my hair have seen better days.

Unfortunately, I noticed some breakage around my edges after taking out my twist, hence me being nervous to do more twist or box braids, etc. (Full disclosure- I wasn’t the most attentive to my hair while it was twisted. I’m not sure what caused the breakage but I do know my hair was neglected.)

To keep my hair protected and sanity in-tact, I’ve been doing several combos of goddess twist/braids, buns and up-dos. They are working and allow for weekly DC’s. I am running out of ideas though.

I haven’t noticed any more breakage and my curl pattern is finally attempting some sibilance of definition, don’t get excited-my hair type is still undetermined.

I did have a huge victory in the product department! (In case this is your first reading, welcome and I’m a recovering hair product junkie.) I haven’t made any new hair product purchases since January and vowed to get rid of my current stash before purchasing anymore all to achieve my goal of living well with less. Well, I am very pleased to stay I have used all of my conditioners!!! *pats self on back* Next up, styling butters… Wish me luck!

Well, that’s all for now folks. Let me know if you have any styling ideas.

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Easter Hair

Hey Loves!

So, Holy Week is upon us and Easter will be here in a few days. It is a very exciting time in our home and in our church. I was pondering over Easter festivities last week and you know what stopped me dead in my tracks…MY HAIR! (I just want to clarify that I’ve had my Easter dress for a while now so I didn’t need to worry about that.)

Yes, my hair…
To blow out or not blow out?
To press or not press?
To rod set or not rod set?

And then it hit me…do I want to spend every Easter concerned about my hair? What if it rains (where I live, that is highly probably any day)?

We are serving during one of the services which means we have to be up and out of the house like 30 minutes earlier. So, that means either less sleep or less time on my hair….let’s be real, it means less sleep.

Are you seeing my problem? While I loooove my hair and loooove looking really cute on Easter my hair should not stop this show. In fact, it shouldn’t even stop on me in my tracks like it does.

I know where this notion comes from. I don’t know about you but when I was a little girl, Easter was special because I got a special dress and special hair. That special hair took special time and it was painful…physically and emotionally. You get kept up past your bed time and woken up early only to be burned on your ear with a hot comb or curling iron (or both) and then comforted with only one piece what the Easter Bunny brought you and tell me you aren’t scarred for life.

I digress…the moral of the story…my hair, while looking fab and appealing, should not be my main concern during Holy Week. I should be focused on serving, repentance, forgiveness and God’s word.

So, I did some marley twists, medium size and the same install method and products used here in my Havana Twist tutorial. I will rod set the ends the Saturday before Easter

I’ll wake up early Easter morning with joy in my heart to serve not anxiety because of the humidity and I’m gonna having to change my hair plan.

Hair Update

Hey Loves!

So last we chatted about my hair, the protective style challenge did its job but my hair couldn’t handle the full year.

Recently I have noticed my curl patterned has loosened and doesn’t hold definition of my braid-outs like it used to.

This isn’t a bad thing. Yes, at first I thought it was horrid and then I realized it could be much worse. Much, much, much worse. Check YouTube if you doubt me.

So? I’m working with what I’ve got. I’ve been deep conditioning every week using one or both of the conditioners from Trader Joe’s. They are super cheap and super awesome. I’ve also been clarifying with ACV and finger detangling.

I’m still working on trying to figure out what styling products work for me.

Any suggestions?

Until next time…

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Protective Style Challenge Update

Hey loves!

I just wanted to update you on the one-year protective style challenge I started in May of 2013.

So far it is a major HIT!!!!

I am so please with how much my hair has grown and how healthy it is. My curl pattern did change, but that was expected.

The protective styles I did over the past few months were:

Marley Buns
Havana Twist
Box Braids
Goddess Twist
Crochet braids

All worked well for my hair except the crochet braids. They were easy to put in but my hair was very dry. They were also hard to maintain.

I plan on finishing the year strong! I will keep you posted!

The state of my hair

Hey Loves!

Note: This is what I did before the the two installs of my havana twist. A blog post is coming about the install, styling, maintenance and upkeep…I just want to make sure I am giving you my best 🙂 Enjoy!


I just wanted to give you an update on my hair. As you know, I did protective styling for a while, then stretched a press to last for 4 weeks without re-applying heat. My plan was to commit to 2 seasons of protective styling and see if I gained more growth. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans…

I must admit, I missed my hair. Like really missed it. I still had to keep up healthy practices so I have engaged in the following for the past few weeks and will keep it up for a few more. My mom is coming at the end of the month and I know she will want to see her baby’s hair.

  1. Braid/twist outs: I will always love these and any chance I get to perfect them is great. The best thing about natural hair is learning about it. As my hair has grown it has changed drastically and instead of going against it, I embrace it and see how I can make the best of it.
  2. Marley bun: on the crazy weather days this old faithful proves to be something of a miracle
  3. Head Wraps/Scarves: Constant shrinking and stretching and has not proved to work out for my hair so depending on the weather or if I want to keep my hair braided for a day longer, I will wear a head scarf. See Naptural85’s tutorials here
  4. Deep conditions: Duh?!?! No natural girl can live and thrive without these. Nuff said..

I am currently researching other protective styles to engage in the summer months. I am leaning toward the Beyonce’ plaits, another sew-in (or two…I have two different types of Remy/Virgin hair I want to try under my sink right now.) What do you think? Any suggestions?

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How I kept my press…=HIT

Hey Loves:

I just wanted to update you on my blow dry and flat iron; almost two weeks ago, I flat-ironed my hair for the first time. You can get all the details and process here. Because of where I live, the weather was CRAZY!! I also had to continue with my workouts. All of that definitely scared me and I just knew my press was going to be gone in a matter of minutes. However I came up with a few things that have helped me keep my hair stretched as well as healthy and protected without re-applying heat.

Marley Bun: I posted earlier about this protective style. Because my hair was already stretched, I simply put in a ponytail applying a small amount of Curlz butter cream (a sample I got from KayJay over at to my edges and massaging through my hair and aloe oil to my ends (they always get dry) and secured my hair in a pony tail and then attached the marley hair using a combo of youtube tutorials. I didn’t want to use a whole slew of product as I knew I didn’t want to wash my hair after.

Flat Twist/Braid Outs: When the weather was nice I wanted to shake my mane, literally. So I did flat rope twist (about 8) straight back on my hair and secured two-to-three of them with a perm rod. I used a sample of Miss Jessie’s curl cream and used a small amount to moisturize my hair. I used Entwine’s Argan oil to secure my ends before rolling. When all the twists were done I covered with a doo-rag and bonnet for the night. The next morning I gently untwisted my hair and wore as a twist out.

After a workout, I noticed my were roots were starting to kink so I then did corn rows using the exact same method above to stretch my roots. It worked! I also got a little more definition than I did with the twist out.

Big Flat twist: This crazy weather is ever changing so I tried another protective style that was super easy. I simply divided my hair into two uneven sections (one larger than the other) and did one flat rope twist on either side. I combined the two and the end and secured with a bobbi pin. To add a bit of flare, I wore cute headbands and bows that coordinated with my outfit.

Bantu Knots: I was supposed to do another sew-in this weekend but I was having so much fun with my hair! So I was scrolling through facebook and saw this tutorial! The Mr. LOOOOOVES bantu knots and I haven’t done them in so long! Now my hair is not NEARLY as long as hers so I just did them all over my head. I used these to weather the storm for a few days using Entwine’s butter crème hydrator, argan oil and manipulator. When the rain cleared up and it was sunny again, I took them down and enjoyed some gorgeous curls!

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Entwine Couture Duo Review

Hey Loves:

Recently I tried Entwine Couture’s Duo- Shampoo and Conditioner. I have tried other styling products from Entwine including the Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator, Creme Jelly Styler, Raw Vegan Argan Oil and Creme De La Mode and I am in love with all of them. They are all HITs! Seriously, all of the above are staples and I want to buried with them. Here are my thoughts on the duo:

Act One: Cleansing +Growth Lathering Bathe

I used this shampoo to cleanse after my pre-poo. I must admit, I thought this was either going to strip all the moisture I just put in, or not cleanse at all. Boy, was I wrong This shampoo was AWESOME! It had a great lather and it held all the of curl definition established in my pre-poo. I washed twice and my hair was not stripped at all. In addition, it felt clean and very light.

Act Two: Hydrating + Growth Crème Hair Rinse

Because I used a pre-poo, I didn’t use this product as a deep conditioner. I used it to restore moisture (leave-in) and detangle. It went on very smooth and worked really well as a detangler. I did have to use more product than I thought to gain more slip, but it worked well nonetheless. The product was heavy and didn’t leave any after residue.

I guess I will be adding these two products to my list of staples. They are HITS as well! They can be purchased Entwine Couture