Bathroom Update!

Hey loves!

As many of you know, I’m expecting our second baby due in December. So, along with re-doing the nursery, I decided to give the hall bathroom, where all the kids toiletries and bath items are, an update. This will still be the bathroom for guest, so I didn’t want it to be kid-central but just something they could enjoy.


I started by making personalized towel hooks. These are way easier than they sound. I bought two large wooden letters for the first letter of their name, maybe 8-10 inches, and then I bought a pack of small wooden letters to spell out their name. I also purchased a pack of coat hooks. All these items were from Walmart and totaled less than $8. I then painted the larger letters the base neutral color (chocolate brown) and painted the letters alternating accent colors (white and lime). These were already the colors of the bathroom. I had no intention of updating the entire space, just adding accents. Then I super glued the small painted letters on top of the larger initial letter. Sorry for the lack of photos. Nap time crafts don’t lend themselves to properly documenting.


I got the Hubs involved and he found and marked of the studs for me. I attached them to the wall with a nail and wall hanging hooks 


Then, for some extra flare, I found these super cute printables. I still have to find fun frames for them. I want to do them justice! I’ll share more pictures when it is complete!



Quick Crafting Tutorial- Nursery Edition

Hey Loves!

I sure hope you’re not sick of nursery post. I have a super quick tutorial for you- I mean FAST!

Ready? Set. Go!

1. Go to local craft store and purchase wooden letter of choice and themed scrapbook paper (unless you already have this). I got the larger flatter letter that was not painted.


2. Align scrap book paper and either Modge Podge or hot glue it to the letter.


3. Cut off the edges using an exacto knife or scissors with skilled hands.


That’s it. I told ya it was quick…and inexpensive too. The letter was $3.49+30% off and the scrap book paper was $.44/sheet.

Until next time!

It’s a DIY Day!!!

Hey Loves!

So, I’m not sure if it is nesting, me being a little crunchy or a combo of both but I’ve been researching and making, and researching and making!

The first thing I tried my hand at was diaper rash cream that was cloth diaper safe. Wait-let me back up- there are a lot of ingredients out there that are in baby products that I wouldn’t put on my skin, let alone my baby’s. There are products out there that more natural and safe but they can cost a pretty penny. So, I make what I can.

Back to the diaper rash cream. I liked this recipe because the ingredients could also be used to simply moisturize skin as well. I followed this tutorial to a T- except I didn’t have a double boiler I just melted it on low heat. I think this is why it took longer to set in the glass jar. I used lemongrass essential oil instead of lavender.

Since we are cloth diapering, I found this web page and got the skinny on some easy cloth wipes and wipe solution I can use so I tried my hands at those too.

While I was at it, I made some shower gel for me using this recipe. The soap was a little harder than I thought the break down and I probably could’ve had the water a little warmer to help with that. After the temps dropped, the soap hardened in the bottle making it pretty unusable. Maybe it will work in the summer?

Lastly, I made some toy and surface cleaner for ‘safe’ cleaning of my little guys items. In a spray bottle, I filled 1/3 of the bottle with vinegar and the rest with warm water. I added a few drops of Tee Tree Oil. So far, so good!

I have a little beeswax left so I think some tinted lip balm is next on my radar.

Note: I got the essential oils and beeswax from a local health food store. All the other ingredients I already had. I purchased the flannel for the cloth wipes from a fabric store for $1.59-1.74/yard.

Baby Making: Glider Edition

Hey Loves!

So with just 12 very short weeks before my baby boy is set to arrive, I’ve been busy making our home ready to welcome him. I started with recovering a glider rocking chair and ottoman that was gifted to us.

Note: I’m picky…more so than I thought. I couldn’t find a chair I really liked that went with my vision for the nursery so, as always, making one, or making as much as I could of one, was the way to go.

I started by visiting my local craft store and picking up a roll of foam padding and fabric. Our nursery theme is travel and I couldn’t resist the colors and simplicity of this fabric. It helped that my husband loved it too.


The I traced the old cushions on the foam with a sharpie and cut along the lines.


After that, I covered the foam pieces with the fabric, wrong side out. I didn’t cut along the fold. Instead I used it to my advantage- that’s one side without pinning or sewing. However, depending on the size of your cushions, that may not be feasible.


Lastly, I pinned around the cushions, sewed them, flipped the fabric inside out and… Viola! A gorgeous custom chair for less than $35 and 1 hour of work. (I didn’t sew the bottom/back of each piece. I wanted to be able to remove for washing. I also plan to make a pillow or two for added support.)


I did the same with the ottoman but that took longer because of the screws and staples from a staple gun. I used hot glue to leave room error. It won’t rip the fabric…

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We’re having a…

Wait for it…

I gotta tell you about my gender reveal first!

We invited our closest friends over and invited our family (who aren’t local) to live stream via U-Stream for an ice cream social!

Then we broke down the following poem by putting a different line in seperate envelopes. Right before we were ready to start, we had guest pull a numbered envelope from a basket and read the lines to find out!

We. Are. Thrilled!

Can’t wait to share more! Until next time loves!

10 little fingers
10 little toes
2 beautiful eyes
1 button nose
2 praying hands
2 kicking feet
1 pair of lips
We can’t wait to meet
Put them all together for a very special thing
A baby boy is the most beautiful gift life can bring

Ten Things You Learn In The First Trimester

1. I prayed for you and God answered.
-Seriously, it was that simple. I surrendered my body and the process to God. A friend told me (as anxiety was mounting) that God makes people, not me. That stuck with me.

2. When I’m tired and nauseous, I have to remember number 1.
-So, I thought IBS prepped me for nausea…nope. It sucks…royally but I prayed for you and now I never leave home without ginger mints.

3. Your daddy loves me, and you.
-Either that or your parents or plum crazy. My emotions are a roller coaster- in happy one minute, fire-red mad the next and then sobbing because…I don’t know. That man of mine has dealt with it all…thankfully.

4. Naps are your friend
– Planned, unplanned, your couch, a friend’a couch-the logistics really aren’t important. Just nap.

5. I’m still superwoman
-I got really down on myself for being so tired and lethargic and couldn’t tackle to-do list like I used to. Well, laundry, you’re gonna have to wait. I’m busy making a human.

6. Let’s talk about Boobs…
-Sheesh! We can’t avoid them!They are everywhere, except nicely placed in this bathing suit/tank/shirt…

7. Let’s not talk about weight gain…
-Nuff said…

8. Pregnancy brain is real and begins at conception
-Let me preface this with I was a very organized person. I remembered things…like the rest of this sentence…

9. Thanks for making food decisions harder
-I could make a decision about pretty much anything except where to eat. Now, I have a slew of aversions and really can never decide what I want to eat. Fun times…

10. It could’ve been worse
-I could spend every day chained to a toilet. I could have severe adverse reactions to pregnancy. I could not be pregnant at all. And I’m back at number one.

Until next time loves!

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